Marketing HackDay 2016


At iSEED, we are committed to revolutionize the emergence, growth, success, and sustainability of startups. On 7th June, with Adobe India and Ola Cabs we hosted Marketing HackDay 2016, in the effort of bringing entrepreneurs, innovators, people from advertising, marketing, media, startup community & all explorers of the industry. With the event held at Nowhere Cafe and planning by ClickMyDay, the event turned out to be a huge success having a turnout of about 200 people attending the event by budding startups and aspires alike. Let’s take a look back at the event and see the highlights of the highly influential night.


“What is Marketing HackDay?”


Online business have come across as the biggest marketing spend category in recent times. While efficient marketing models are getting explored by big companies, startups have been exploring and inventing various innovative marketing hacks to build efficiencies. Marketing Hackday is an initiative to bring startups with such hacks, big companies and media community together on one platform to appreciate and explore viability of these hacks in mainstream media.

“Adobe Marketing Workshop”


Adobe Marketing took the initiative of doing a hack workshops for startups and entrepreneurs interested in grasping the new and uncommon ideologies of today’s marketing techniques. Attendees learned new ways around the existing system and shared their own experiences with the others. Apart from other industry experts in Marketing such as Adobe, Ola, ScoopWhoop, Yourstory, Investors expressed their thoughts on what it takes to hack into the Indian consumer’s mindset. Mr. Varun Kapoor, Senior Solutions Consultant from Adobe Marketing Cloud gave a presentation explaining the basic forms of marketing to advanced hacks that they can do with the help from Adobe to make their platform reach the next level with speed and efficiency. All attendees participated and gave their two cents on the topics discussed at the event. Many put forward the problems and issues that their startups ran into and Mr. Kapoor resolved these by discussing little hack solutions or suggesting implementation of what Adobe has to offer in all Creative, Marketing and Analytics side of business.

“Ola Hackathon Workshop”


To append the already influential event, Ola conducted their own ‘hackathon’ contest for all startups open to participation. At the event later, 9 teams were shortlisted for the next round;

  • Azazte – Saurabh Sehgal and Tarini Suneja
  • Designated Drivers – Kunal Gandhi, Vandan Jain, Devesh Aggarwal, Vishal Garg, Nipun Kumar and Saurav Malbo
  • Woo Style – Aman Sharma and Vikalp Pandey
  • Sizztex – Rahul and Mayank Raj
  • Kakcho – Aakash, Ridhima, Himanshu and Arjun
  • Experimental Service Design Studio – Sachin Rathi, Mukti Somani Rathi, Shikha Maheshwari and Rajdeep Singh Cameotra
  • Salefee – Varun Rawat, Abhilash Raut and Amit Chauhan
  • KneedOn – Piyush Sharma
  • Eatatos – Harshul Gupta and Raunak Agrahari

These 9 shortlisted teams competed against each by coming up for a hack to a marketing problem on-the-spot and then put forward their presentation which the judges heard and concluded the workshop by announcing Designated Drivers as the winners and Salefee coming as the runner up. The winning team will received a Incubation & Scholarship from iSEED.

“iSEED Entrepreneurship Workshop”


Later at the event, iSEED team introduced Anurag Batra, Chairman of Businessworld, an expert entrepreneur, journalist, Internet evangelist and media expert. He graced the event with his presence and shared his knowledge and experience he has acquired over 20 years of being a prominent figure in the industry.

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Prajakt Kaur, founder of The Hub for Startups and Applyifi, followed up and talked about today’s market and the view of it’s future for startups and entrepreneurs. Between 1990 – 2000, Prajakt spent 10 years in marketing & advertising, working on clients like P&G for whom he was driving brand communication and marketing programs for key healthcare & feminine hygiene brands.

The attendees were influenced by these two experts who shared some of their words of wisdom and a few tips and tricks that they learned themselves in their long line of experience.

“Line Of Events”

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  • 2 PM — Introduction
  • 2 PM- 5 PM — Adobe Marketing Hack Workshops #HACKsekar (social handle for audience to participate with their hacks during workshops)
  • 2:15 PM — Digital Hacks the Adobe way – Varun Kapoor (Adobe India)
  • 2:45 PM — Hack through a investor’s mind – Dheeraj Jain (Redcliffe capital)
  • 3:05 PM — PR to Viral – #HACKSeKar – Kavita Bhaskaran (Ogilvy India)
  • 3:25 PM — Hack of Ola to drive millions a day – Rashi Gupta (Ola Cabs)
  • 3:45 PM — Finance – the original creator of HACK – Prasanna Singh (Yourstory Media)
  • 4:00 PM — How we created a business out of marketing hacks – Ritesh Singh (ARM Digital)
  • 4:20 PM — Content works & how -Rahul Puri from Scoopwhoop Media
  • 4:40 PM — Jugaad- The True Startup Way #HACKsekar
  • 5 PM-7 PM — Ideation time given to 10 selected startup teams to work on marketing problem
  • 5 PM-7 PM — Entrepreneurship Workshop by iSeed (for those planning to start a venture)
  • 7 PM — Start of HACKIT Media Night, Networking
  • 7.30 PM — Presentation of marketing hack by Startups to judges(Adobe team, Ola marketing team, ScoopWhoop Media Agency Head, Yourstory, Investors)
  • 9 PM — Winner announcement (Prize Letter Handover)

We hope that everyone who attended had a great time at the event and we hope who didn’t get the chance to attend, will surely try to come by to any of our next events.

Stay tuned for further news and events.

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