Saurabh Srivastav
Founder / Oges
I would like to thank iSEED for educating me in shaping up Oges’s idea for investors which gave me confidence for investment raising. We managed to close investment from first presentation to final commitment in only 45 days. ‘Oges’ has generated plenty of interest, especially within the oil and gas community. Investors from 4 continents with diverse experience feel that this product is required in their area.We are fortunate to have raised 3 times our initial requirement increasing our proposed initial scope of work. During this round we have taken money only from people whom we felt would help growing the business or help in making a better product. iSEED program has given me tremendous confidence, as we now feel that we do have product with a sound business sense.
Jagrit Gupta
I have done my MBA from one of the top institutions of our country, so before joining iSEED I used to wonder what would be my learning at the end of the course. Fortunately, I learned what I always missed in my entrepreneur career of 8 years. I got a chance to interact with real successful entrepreneurs and got exposed to a lot of case studies pertaining to the Indian eco-space. I would say I found answers to so many questions which as an entrepreneur nobody was able to provide earlier.
Pranay Choudhry
“I had an extensive and comprehensive overview on what a young start-up should focus on to be investment-ready. There were several modules that we tend to overlook when preparing to raise funds and this course definitely helped in bringing those important points to light. I would recommend it for any entrepreneur who is new to this domain”
Arun Sharma
CEO & Director Mahaluxmi Industries
“The sessions at iSEED were very interactive and prodding -self discovery and exploring newer ways to access your venture ideas. The essence of entrepreneurship is to never give up and keep learning all the time, which was instilled very prominently by the Iseed faculty.”

Resource Center

We have a smart and intelligent library for our students, a collection that may not be highly comprehensive but is immensely technology-friendly. There is an aggregation of not only e-books, case studies and references but also the hard-bounds and paperbacks. The students can make use of the computer terminals to find out the availability of their books in the library or to search for other relevant books and study materials.

Based on our curriculum philosophy, there are relevant and well-cited books on entrepreneurship and fast-growing small ventures by famous authors as well as a lot of reference material. Along with that, there are books available on important business subjects that are relevant even for the entrepreneurs. These include the fields of marketing techniques, advertising, financial management, strategic management, intellectual property rights, etc. The students may also avail books and references on interdisciplinary subjects like liberal arts and innovation.

Apart from its traditional role as a place to gather knowledge, the media centre offers a place to have group discussions over a cup of coffee too. It would be a place to hangout after college hours to hash out your future plans.

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