Saurabh Srivastav
Founder / Oges
I would like to thank iSEED for educating me in shaping up Oges’s idea for investors which gave me confidence for investment raising. We managed to close investment from first presentation to final commitment in only 45 days. ‘Oges’ has generated plenty of interest, especially within the oil and gas community. Investors from 4 continents with diverse experience feel that this product is required in their area.We are fortunate to have raised 3 times our initial requirement increasing our proposed initial scope of work. During this round we have taken money only from people whom we felt would help growing the business or help in making a better product. iSEED program has given me tremendous confidence, as we now feel that we do have product with a sound business sense.
Jagrit Gupta
I have done my MBA from one of the top institutions of our country, so before joining iSEED I used to wonder what would be my learning at the end of the course. Fortunately, I learned what I always missed in my entrepreneur career of 8 years. I got a chance to interact with real successful entrepreneurs and got exposed to a lot of case studies pertaining to the Indian eco-space. I would say I found answers to so many questions which as an entrepreneur nobody was able to provide earlier.
Pranay Choudhry
“I had an extensive and comprehensive overview on what a young start-up should focus on to be investment-ready. There were several modules that we tend to overlook when preparing to raise funds and this course definitely helped in bringing those important points to light. I would recommend it for any entrepreneur who is new to this domain”
Arun Sharma
CEO & Director Mahaluxmi Industries
“The sessions at iSEED were very interactive and prodding -self discovery and exploring newer ways to access your venture ideas. The essence of entrepreneurship is to never give up and keep learning all the time, which was instilled very prominently by the Iseed faculty.”

About iSEED

iSEED is a best-in-class entrepreneurs & startup ecosystem opportunities catalyst successfully running its highly acclaimed training & mentoring programmes since 2013. Founded by global experts from US (New York State University & Harvard) and India (MDI-Gurgaon), our customized learning approach helps student entrepreneurs leverage synergies of world class academic rigor with out of the box market testing & customized thought leaders mentoring.

  • Our popular courses provide cutting edge academic learning with practical teamwork exercises, live investment pitches, best practice process mapping and international networking.
  • Both short term and year long courses are led by serial entrepreneurs and top faculties who take participants through the entire Value Based Enterprise (VBE) venture development, rapid growth, investment & exit process.
  • We help students win more with less by imparting core skills of entrepreneurship success – thinking and nurturing scalable competitive edge.
  • Our weekend classes, regular industry engagements & access to our resources help participants unleash their true potential.
  • We boost their success through interactive lectures, custom workshops and outstanding keynotes from renowned entrepreneurs.
  • Students are encouraged to apply classroom learning in simulated business challenge exercises that test their problem-solving-thinking, agile process re-engineering & social-business transformation zeal.

Our time tested and industry trusted approach addresses key startup challenges with co-creation of agile strategies, risks mitigation, collaborative innovation, interactive VC engagement and win-win linkages with our growing pool of industry experts and successful alumni. iSEED leadership team is a unique mix of international academicians, industry thought leaders and disruptive innovation specialists passionate about creating globally acclaimed and field tested entrepreneurship & startup successes.

iSEED Entrepreneur & Enterprise Development Education Ecosystem

Our continuously updated courses introduce iSEED participants to our vibrant entrepreneurial/startup culture, world class commercialization and smart technologies. We connect people to our best of breed global entrepreneurial network. Attendees learn how to break down elements of successful business growth into a step-by-step process formula that can be applied to different startups and even established organizations. Our expanding education network includes:


Market tested iSEED programs cover all important entrepreneurship & startup success-roadmap challenges to effectively create unmatched value in diverse areas. Our experts help accelerate success with market tested guerilla marketing, customer delight, markets-segmentation, market opportunity transformation, funds & financing, live VC pitching, innovative new product/services development and sustaining competitive USPs.

We combine high impact interactive training & teaching, useful industry engagements, well thought through assignments, regular self and enterprise development practice sessions with internationally renowned industry expert faculty. Thanks to our business innovation simulation lab approach  participants immerse in iSEED’s acclaimed entrepreneurial-innovation culture connected to latest new business survival & success necessities.  This allows participants to:

  • Identify, evaluate & build new venture opportunities with greater confidence.
  • Interpret dynamic customer priorities and quantify their unique value propositions.
  • Collaborate and co-create win-win process innovations.
  • Understand inherent diversities in developing new ventures in varied geographical & cultural settings.
  • Harness latest technological & scientific breakthroughs – globally and locally.
  • Develop & deploy successful business plans.
  • Ramp-up firms and departments to global scale to effectively leverage emerging opportunities.
  • Leverage VC investment opportunities for long term benefits.
  • Succeed more with objective feedback on personal innovation & entrepreneurship competencies.
  • Build viable networks and continually enhance & expand them.
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